From early morning to late evening, it’s at Vete-Katten you meet to start the day, catch-up, savour, gossip, contemplate and date. Here you will find everything a classic pastry shop can offer – good buns, pastries and freshly brewed coffee. But a real patisserie offers something more. A warm atmosphere, nice environment and skilful staff, who always carries a smile and has a few kind words to spare. Hope to see you here!

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At Vete-Katten Kungsgatan and Vete-Katten St. Eriksgatan we serve food more or less all day. On the menu you will find, for example, grilled sandwiches, today’s soup, pie, baked potatoes and sizeable salads. Among our classics we have a generous shrimp sandwich with mayonnaise and hand-peeled shrimp on tea cake or rye bread. Weekdays 11:00–14:00, coffee and freshly baked bread are included.
In our stores you will find, among other things, fresh salads and nutritious sandwiches, perfect to buy with you to work or on the train. Can of course also be eaten on site.



Here you can see Vete-Katten’s full selection, which is available to order, place orders for pick-up, or register as a corporate customer and order delivery, add subscriptions to bread or buns.

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There are many kinds of coffee and what would a pastry shop be without a really good one? At Vete – Katten, we brew many hundreds of litres a day, so you can be sure we have a fresh pot ready for you. If you prefer an espresso or cappuccino, our baristas are ready to provide you with a tasty cup. If you are more of a tea drinker, we have everything from Rooibos and Chai to Earl Gray and Vete-Kattens own blends.

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Kungsgatan 55

Kungsgatan 55

Mon ─ Fri: 7.30 ─ 20.00
Sat ─ Sun: 9.00 ─ 19.00


Gamla Brogatan 31

Mon ─ Fri: 7.30 ─ 20.00
Sat ─ Sun: 9.00 ─ 19.00


Centralplan 1

Mon ─ Fri: 6.00 ─ 20.00
Sat ─ Sun: 7.30 ─ 20.00


Vasagatan 22

Mon ─ Fri: 7.30 ─ 19.00
Sat ─ Sun: 11.00 ─ 17.00


Hamngatan 37

Mon ─ Fri: 7.30 ─ 20.00
Sat: 10.00 ─ 18.00
Sun: 11.00 ─ 18.00


Eugeniavägen 9

Mon ─ Fri: 7.30 ─ 19.00
Sat ─ Sun: 10.00 ─ 16.00

Torget Åhlens City


Mon ─ Fri: 8.00 ─ 20.00
Sat: 10.00 ─ 19.00
Sun: 11.00 ─ 19.00

S:t Eriksgatan

S:t Eriksgatan 41

Mon - Fri: 7.00-19.00
Sat - Sun: 8.00-18.00