Vete–Katten is open from early morning to late evening, and its floors are like a constantly
changing theatre scene with an enormous cast. Come in and sit for a while and watch the performance.
For the morning’s breakfast buffet, the atmosphere is calm and pensive, phasing into the pre-lunch
murmur of chatty fika catch-ups (“fika” is a Swedish institution, a bit like the English afternoon tea, always with something sweet, but not just in the afternoon). Then the business meetings blend with conversations
among friends; bookish students with solo bon vivants. Then it’s lunch and a real throng for a while, followed by a more sedate pace with afternoon tea drinkers and companions having a glass of wine and perhaps a sandwich before the evening show at Oscars theatre. Everyone passes through Vete–Katten: politicians
and posers, builders and bureaucrats, parents and children, TV celebrities and anonymous regulars.
It’s like a miniature Stockholm right here in our cafe.


We serve breakfast between 7.30-10.00. Different verities of sandwiches and smoking hot coffee or tea. Egg, juice, overnight oat and yoghurt with our own granola.



If we’d found ourselves at the beginning of the 20th Century, as opposed to a century later,
Vete–Katten would have been called a Schweizeri (Swiss cafe). A Schweizeri was an establishment
that served simple food, but also breads and confectionery. And, rather importantly, it was fully licensed.
Vete–Katten serves light meals in moderate portions throughout the day. Hearty salads, long open sandwiches and generous prawn sandwiches made with homemade mayonnaise and hand-peeled
prawns are our classics. For lunch there’s always the dish and soup of the day.
And yes, we’re fully licensed, too.

Lunch menu

See our blackboards by the service counter for today’s pie, soup and jacket potato.


Classic Caesarsalad with chicken
SEK 132
Prawn salad with dill mayonnaise and boiled egg
SEK 132
Lentil salad with Chevré toast
SEK 124


SEK 88
Fete cheese, tapenade and sundried tomato
Ham/cheese with dijon
Brisket, sauerkraut and Gruyère cheese


Pie of the season with salad
SEK 98
Soup of the day
SEK 84
Baked potato of the day
SEK 96
Toast Skagen


Vete–Katten’s lighter dishes include chicken salad, prawn salad and feta salad,
but also pies and soups. See our daily deals on the blackboard.

Sandwiches/Open sandwiches

It isn’t that easy to find classic sandwiches these days. However, at Vete–Katten you’ll find most
of these under-appreciated delicacies. Long open sandwiches, sandwich gateaus, canapés, and traditional sandwiches with everything from shrimp filling, egg and caviar, patés with embedded pickled cucumbers
and salami with brie to more simple rolls with smoked ham and cheese.

Afternoon tea

Since we have a lot of pressure on Tuesdays right now, because of the semla, we have chosen to close down our popular Afternoon Tea. We will return with information here on the website when we have made a decision about when to start again.



Sweet buns and pastries are Vete–Katten’s heart and soul. We bake with true passion and
with utter dedication to original and pure flavours. This involves, among other things, using the best
possible ingredients, real butter, cream and sugar and no strange additives. We make everything
from scratch, take no shortcuts and let everything take the time it needs. It’s the only way
we can make it as wonderful and delicious as we want.


At Vete–Katten the coffee is always freshly brewed, as we brew many hundreds of litres per day.
We also have a large selection of teas, with everything from Rooibos and chai to Darjeeling and Earl Grey.
Plus of course, carbonated drinks and lemonade, juices, smoothies and our homemade cordials.
Vete–Katten is also fully licensed so you’re more than welcome to order a glass of wine
with your sandwich, or a cognac with your coffee.