Oscar II

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Oscar the II’s favorite cake consists of three layers of crunchy almond meringue and fluffy buttercream covered with toasted sliced... Läs mer

Xanté dór

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Dark chocolate mousse with caramelised honey. Dark chocolate truffle, flavoured with Xanté pear cognac nestled between two bases of almond and chocolate. Topped with a chocolate... Läs mer

White chocolate cheesecake

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Compact, white chocolate cheesecake with digestive biscuit base and topped with a tart raspberry compote. Not baked with nuts or almonds. Ingredients: Philadelphia cheese, egg,... Läs mer


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Passion fruit chibouste and raspberry yoghurt panna cotta. Edged with dark chocolate with caramelised sesame seeds. Ingredients: raspberries, passion fruit, yoghurt, egg, sugar, corn flour,... Läs mer


May 13, 2015 12:09 pm Published by Comments Off on Trio

Three layers of creamy chocolate mousse: dark, milk and white. Base of crispy digestive, powdered with Valrhona’s aromatic cocoa. Not baked with nuts or... Läs mer

Southern france toffee cake

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Chocolate toffee cream on a base of hazelnut meringue. Ingredients: butter, egg, hazelnuts, sugar, corn flour, 70% Guanaja chocolate and milk Available with... Läs mer


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(Picture comes shortly) White chocolate mousse with raspberry panna cotta and sponge bases flavoured with Cointreau. Edged with slices of white chocolate. Not baked with... Läs mer

Black forest

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Made entirely according to the original recipe: hazelnut meringue brushed with dark chocolate and layered with cream. Covered in thin slices of dark chocolate.... Läs mer

Princess cake

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This royal cake is baked according to our own secret method, which gives it its unique taste and creaminess. The sponge bases are layered... Läs mer

Vegan cake

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Raspberry mousse on chocolate base with coffee flavor topped with mango-/passion fruit jelly Ingredients: Oatly iMat (milk alternative), soya cream,... Läs mer